Tips to Take the Hassle Out of Moving

Please keep our moving advice in mind when you are moving to your new home. Print this list and refer to it throughout the day. This list will help you take the hassle out of moving.

moving tips

Separate Large and Small Items

Your heavy items should be packed in large boxes. Small items should be packed in small boxes

Be Mindful of Your Fridge

Your fridge will have a fresh scent after you have thoroughly cleaned the inside. Coffee, baking soda and charcoal can keep the interior smelling pleasant. Pour a handful of coffee, baking soda or charcoal into a nylon stocking. Keep the stocking in the fridge.

Leave Your Contact Information

Before the moving van leaves for your new home, give him a good contact number. If you will not be around your phone, give the movers an alternative contact number.

Take Care of Your Plants

When you are moving your plants to your new home, keep the leaves away from the windows. The heat will scorch the foliage.

Keep a Record

You might have to contact the moving company while you are in the process of moving to your new home. Keep a record of your important information. The moving company will ask for your shipping registration number.

Keep Your Pets Calm

Moving can be hectic, and the activity can frighten your pets. Ask a friend to keep your pets for a few hours.

Protect Your Irreplaceable Items

Keep your irreplaceable items in your car. If you put your keepsakes in the moving truck, put extra cushioning in the boxes for extra protection.

Pack Your Necessities

You will need your necessities. Pack your kitchen utensils, bathroom essentials and cleaning supplies in labeled boxes. Ask the movers to load your daily necessities last. When you arrive at your new home, you will unload your necessities first.

Give Your Computer a Break

Your computer might overheat if it has been sitting in a hot moving truck for several hours. When you arrive at your new home, keep your computer unplugged for a few hours.

Label Your Sheets and Towels

Label your sheets and towels. When you are ready to relax, you will not have to rummage through boxes.

Leave the Difficult Tasks to the Professionals

Sit back and look forward to new opportunities. Get plenty of sleep before you leave your old home.

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