How to Organize Your Garage Like A Pro

Your garage is probably overflowing with boxes, sports equipment, holiday decorations and who knows what else. It’s easy to throw things in the garage when you aren’t sure of what else to do with the stuff, but then you end up dealing with a mess straight out of a Hoarders episode! Are you tired of the clutter and chaos and want to organize your garage but aren’t sure where to start? Read on for some help on how to organize your garage effectively.
organize your garage

Reduce, Recycle, And Throw Out!

Before you try to actually organize your garage, you’ll first need to get rid of the junk. Many professionals recommend the “six-month rule”. This rule states that anything you own that you haven’t used in the past six months is probably not an item you need and can get tossed. Another professional tip is to hold the item and see if you feel any kind of emotional attachment to it. If you don’t, get rid of it. Make a pile for the goodwill store in your area, give away what you can, or just throw it out.

Overhead Storage Bins

You have a lot of space above your head, so why not use it for storage? An overhead storage unit is a special type of sturdy metal rack that can be hung from your ceiling. The two to three-foot space around your ceiling can then be used for storage space. You can use plastic bins to hold the items that you do not need to get to on a regular basis, such as Christmas decorations.

Heavy-Duty Shelves

You may already have some shelves up in your garage, but chances are they are the flimsy kind. Purchase heavy-duty shelving at any home improvement store in the area and build yourself sturdier shelving units. These units are usually very simple to build and will allow you to take advantage of the space around your walls. You’ll be able to put up heavier items, freeing up space on the floor. You’ll have easy access to the boxes that you put up while being able to walk around the garage freely.

Consider Renting a Storage Unit

Sometimes, you just have too much stuff to deal with. You’ve gotten rid of the items you don’t need and did what you could to maximize the space you do have. Your garage might just be too small to handle everything that you own. A self-storage unit will hold your items for you so that you have a cleaner garage. Look for the smallest unit you can and ask about any specials they may have before signing for one.

Rent a Dumpster

Your garage may have so much junk you aren’t sure the garbage men will take it all. Renting a dumpster is the perfect solution to this problem. When you can easily throw the junk you don’t need straight into the dumpster, instead of trying to bag it all and drag it to the curb, you’ll find clean-up so much simpler and less stressful. When you need to organize your garage, hiring a dumpster rental service will make the job much easier to face.

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