Do you have items that are too big for your normal dumpster and need junk removal or dumpster rentals in Howell MI? 1-877-Junk Tub (586-5882) is here for you. Call today for a quote about our dumpster rentals and junk removal. We can pick up junk that your garbage service doesn’t.

dumpster rentals in howell mi

We try as hard as possible with be flexible with your schedule.

Our dumpster rentals come in sizes ranging from 4-yards to 20-yards. They won’t wreck your driveway or sidewalks because they’re on wheeled trailers.

If it fits in our truck and it isn’t hazardous or toxic, we’ll probably take it!

  • We accept these items and even more–just call and ask us!
  • Construction, Remodeling, and Renovation Waste
  • Old Couches, Chairs, and Tables
  • Bikes and Sporting Goods
  • Scrap Metal
  • Stoves, Fridges, and Sinks
  • TV Sets and Computers
  • Tapes, Books, and Records

Do you have an extra room overflowing with junk and old furniture? Or have a garage that’s so stuffed you can’t pull your car into it? Call us at 1-877-Junk Tub (586-5882), and we’ll take it all away and give you room to breathe.

We’re the #1 Business for Dumpster Rentals in Howell MI.

1-877-Junk Tub (586-5882) has been hauling away junk for years, way before recycling was cool! Trust our dependable workers to dispose of your junk without hurting the environment.

Your stuff won’t just be tossed in the dump. We do our best to find a way to recycle or reuse your electronics, clothes, and appliances. Don’t worry about it polluting the environment.

Do you own a business or outlet store? Every business or commercial property will need a dumpster rental or junk removal services. We offer both residential and commercial dumpster rentals in Howell MI for all your needs.

1-877-Junk Tub (586-5882) provides services for offices, apartments, retail stores, and more. We’ll recycle or dispose of your old printers, computers, registers, and other bulky junk. Too much broken furniture that your garbage service says no to? We’ll take it away! Just call!

Request a FREE quote on junk removal or dumpster rentals in Howell MI today. We will work with your schedule as much as possible. You don’t need to wait around and waste your day waiting for your junk to be hauled.

We’re here when you need junk removal and dumpster rentals in Howell MI!