Apply These 8 Garage Sale Tips for an Easier Garage Sale

Having a garage sale is a great way to get rid of the stuff you no longer need or want. Setting up a garage sale takes some time and planning, but your efforts will be worthwhile. You can clear out some space in your home and make a few dollars doing it by following these easy garage sale tips.

garage sale tips

1. Pick an Ideal Date

Look into neighborhood garage sale days. By timing your sale to be concurrent with other neighborhood sales, you could generate more traffic. Consider whether most garage sales in your neighborhood start on a Friday or Saturday. Start early enough in the day to beat the heat.

2. Promote Your Sale

Look into free ads for promoting your sale. Craigslist is an ideal venue because you can add color photos of your big-ticket items. You can also list and describe the items you’re selling. Many community papers offer a free digital classifieds section, too. Be sure to advertise in local garage sale groups on social media. Put big, easy-to-read posters up on the day of your sale. Make sure the signs have the address, hours and dates of the sale.

3. Set Up for Success

A week ahead of time, gather the supplies you’ll need for the days of the sale. A fanny pack or apron to hold your money, dollar bills and quarters for change and a calculator will help you to prepare for sales.

4. Make Sure the Price Is Right

Consider why you are having a garage sale. Do you need to clear a bunch of stuff out of your house? If so, price things low so you can get rid of them quickly. Is your goal to make a lot of money? Price the items with some room to haggle with your customers. Be sure to clearly price the items. Consider group pricing, such as a grocery sack of clothes for $5. If there is no price, people might just walk away.

5. Sort Items for Easy Browsing

People do not want to dig through a three-foot pile of clothes or knock over a huge stack of books. Spread items out for easy browsing. Sort similar items together, with a section for housewares, a section for kid’s clothes and a section for toys.

6. Have a Free Section

Fill up a box with little doodads and mark the box as “free.” The box will give your youngest shoppers something to do while their parents make purchases.

7. Greeting Visitors

Be sure to say hello to each person who stops by your sale. Even if the person does not buy anything, your greeting assures the person that you noticed his or her presence.

8. Rent a Dumpster

If items remain after your sale, a dumpster makes quick work of getting rid of it all. A dumpster is also a great solution for clearing the non-salable junk from your garage.

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With these garage sale tips, your home will be cleaner and less cluttered.


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