We take pride in treating our customers with on-time and affordable service.

I was in a position approx. 12 years ago and in need of a dumpster myself. I soon found that there were no real reliable companies out there and most importantly – no affordable companies.

So after being laid off from my automotive related job, I decided to take a chance and start my own Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal company which I named 1-877-Junk Tub and run it the way I felt would better serve people’s hectic life schedules.

We have taken pride in treating my customers with respect and on-time and affordable service.

Our company will never add any hidden fees such as drop-off or pick-up fees etc.

Our Company always takes the time to recycle a large number of items to keep them from entering our landfills.

We ourselves believe in supporting all other local small business’s, as we found these individuals really do care about their commitment to serving their customers and growing their business as much as we do.

We look forward to serving you in any of your upcoming projects, whether it be dumpster rental or junk removal.