8 Reasons You Should Be Recycling Your Electronic Waste

When electronics get too old or it becomes too costly to replace them, you may decide it’s time for something new. What should you do with your old devices, though? Recycling them is the best option and here are 8 reasons why.

1. Limited Landfill Space

Our society has been overrunning landfill space with garbage for generations and that space is running low. Recycling computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices help save precious landfill space. Electronic devices comprise 1% of the 200 million tons of waste dumped into landfills each year. That’s 2 million tons for just our electronic devices.

2. Electronic Devices Contaminate the Earth

When dumping electronics into a landfill, they can leak toxic chemicals into the environment. Toxins such as cadmium, chromium. mercury, and lead can all be released into the environment. For instance, one computer monitor contains four to eight pounds of lead.

Studies looking at heavy metal content in landfills discovered that 70% of that hazardous content comes from electronic devices because those objects are often disposed of improperly. By recycling electronics, you can avoid contributing to a growing problem that may end up affecting wildlife, plant life, and our own bodies.

3. Save on Waste

Recycled electronic devices are made into new electronic parts. This means manufacturers will use less new materials, saving on the production process and the overuse of materials. Precious metals can be recycled for use, but rarely is recovered. Currently, only 10-15% of the gold used to produce electronic devices is reused.

4. A Great Way to Contribute to Charity

Another way to recycle electronic devices is by donating them to the needy. Many local organizations take these kinds of donations, so they can provide the needy with computers and phones, which are necessary for finding jobs and teaching children computer skills.

5. Recycling is Easy

There are now “e-cyclers” in most communities. These experts in recycling electronics can assist you in destroying sensitive data, before recycling the devices. They also know how to handle the toxic chemicals in devices to avoid contaminating landfills.

6. Throwing Away Devices is Illegal

In some areas, dumping your computer or tablet in the trash is against the law. More communities are regulating how devices can be handled, to reduce the risk of contamination.

7. Earn Rewards for Recycling

As the popularity of recycling electronic devices spreads, many retailers and manufacturers are providing incentives to consumers. You may be able to get a free device or a discount on a new product for turning your devices in to certain businesses. Check out your local electronics stores to learn more about possible rewards for recycling.

8. It Just Feels Good

The act of recycling or donating to charity is also a huge boost for your ego. You can feel good about the fact that you’re doing something to help less fortunate people, as well as saving the environment. So, recycling electronics isn’t just good for the environment; it’s good for your self-esteem.

If you have electronic waste that you’re not sure what to do with, give us a call at 1-877-junk-tub (586-5882). We can provide the direction you need.

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